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JS Art J S Art Gallery is an art hub, where you will find works of renowned as well as emerging artists, deals in Indian, Modern, Abstract and contemporary Art.
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J S Art Gallery is an art hub, where you will find works of renowned as well as emerging artists, deals in Indian, Modern, Abstract and contemporary Art.

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Ulhas Raikar , mix media contemporary Indian art.The artist’s background in illustration shines through each work. The attention to the minutest details in each work, whether the designs on the clothing, the pieces of jewellery adorning the women, the utensils or the foliage is exquisite. There are numerous pieces on display and each is well executed. Most of the paintings are of tribal women covered in more jewellery than cloth. What struck me was that, in this collection, the women were not made to look stunningly gorgeous as one might expect. They are painted in a slightly disfigured manner; arms are disproportionately long, necks are curved. Their eyes are vacant of expression. If they are meant to be in trance then it shows. The depiction of the women conveyed to me the artist’s obsession to show his females as titillating, evil temptresses – alluringly dressed & posed, with locks flowing. The few well proportioned men depicted are all standing with their backs to the women, conveying strong willpower not to give in to their seductions.

The series is inspired by ancient esoteric rituals & supernatural practices of the 21st century. To me, though there is nothing 21st century about the paintings. The characters attire & the backgrounds look ancient.

There is a marked lack of variety in not only in the size, price etc but also in the artist’s expression. It verges on being monotonous. I felt the artist is staying in his comfort zone, is it a lack of confidence in trying something new or in uninhibited expression? I would have loved to see what the artist can do on a larger canvas.

   Over a month ago

A mixed media contemporary artist, Ulhas Raikar uses poster and acrylic colours for the background, while the primary drawing is in pencil. He is specially fond on natural colours and his finest work includes miniature paintings, acrylic paintings, sketches and a lot more. Miniatures seem a special favourite.

The medium of his art includes pencils, water colors, acrylic poster colours and the most important of all crookwill ? Say he, "It's a special pen with a 0.1 mm - mostly used by the jewelry designers for fine design with this pen you get the accurate design whatever you prefer to sketch."

It takes him around 150 to 200 hours to get one 21 x 27 inch painting done & prepared. The intricacies and the minuteness of the patterns are the highlight of his paintings. Most of his paintings are based on the lives of gods and the goddesses and the vibrancy of them makes the paintings stand out among others.

"Painting for me has never been hard work at all. It is something that I like doing. I believe I can contribute something to the society by showcasing our culture in a manner that people are able to appreciate its beauty and also realise its value".

"Ours is the most ancient of all cultures. We thrive on tradition. I try to bring out some our rich heritage in my paintings." He goes on to add, " the basic aim of my paintings is to reach out of the masses through my designs".

Seeing the ingenuity of his works, it is no wonder that his art pieces draw good buyers.

   Over a month ago